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Cities: Skylines – Neues Update erschienen

Auf der Xbox One ist Cities: Skylines seit April verfügbar – leider nicht ganz ohne Fehler. Für viele Spieler war es besonders ärgerlich, dass es eine ganze Reihe von Problemen mit dem Speichersystem gab – von überschriebenen Speicherständen bis hin zu einer „Wird gespeichert“-Anzeige, die noch während des Speichervorgangs verschwand.

Das gehört jetzt dank des neuen Updates zusammen mit den folgenden Punkten der Vergangenheit an:

Major improvements:

  • Totally reworked the save and loading system, it will no longer overwrite your previous save if the save process is interrupted in any way.
  • The save indicator will no longer disappear before the save has completed.
  • Unfortunately previously corrupted saves cannot be rescued. They should be correctly detected and a warning message will appear.
  • Made numerous optimisations allowing the ability to increase the simulation speed. If the simulation is struggling to keep up it will try to run as fast as it can.
  • Fixed various memory leaks, and generally reduced the memory overhead of the game.
  • Users should now be able to obtain all the achievements in game. If you load a save that still has the conditions met for unlocking the achievement you should be correctly awarded it.
  • Fixed the bulldozer getting stuck open.
  • Fixed a crash associated with the Guides.


  • Fixed an issue causing the „Swap sticks“ option to not be saved correctly.
  • Game Area Info Panel’s close button is now localised correctly.
  • District names will be updated when the locale changes.
  • Budget panel will play the correct sound on opening.
  • Removed a buzzing sound when the credits were allowed to play out.
  • Partner Co-ordinator should now correctly appear as a role and not a person.
  • Fixed a bug causing some tutorials not to appear.
  • The „Left-Handed“ control scheme should now work as indicated.


  • Unique buildings should now get the „Already Built“ icon if they have been built.
  • Fixed an issue causing tutorial messages to appear when they should be behind the camera.
  • You can now delete saved games from the Load Game panel.
  • The tool-tip for the De-Zoning option should no-longer improperly refer to mouse controls.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Main Toolbar buttons to not be highlighted correctly when returning from a full screen window.
  • The follow button on Citizen Vehicles will no longer disappear.
  • „Line Options“ now has a tool-tip.
  • You can no longer put the game in an unresponsive state by closing a panel while it’s already closing.
  • All UI buttons should correctly indicate whether they are being pressed or not.
  • Fixed various typos in localisations.
  • The follow button will now disappear when a selected object moves out of your owned areas.
  • Added a warning when trying to load a game while already in one.
  • Arrows should no longer appear on menu items that cannot be toggled by pressing left or right.
  • Added a „Reset Configuration“ button to the Controls panel.
  • The options panel should now wrap correctly.
  • The „Invert Y Axis“ option will now reset correctly.
  • The „Press A“ screen will now be correctly localised based on system language.
  • Tutorial messages should no longer appear over the UI.
  • Fixed various alignment and sizing issues.
  • Fixed text overruns in some locales.
Cities: Skylines [Xbox One]
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