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Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom – Update 1.03 ist da

Falls Ihr mal wieder Neues zu Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom erleben möchtet, haben wir gute Nachrichten: Update 1.03 wurde jetzt veröffentlicht und bietet auf jeden Fall einen Grund, den Titel noch einmal in Angriff zu nehmen. Unter anderem gibt es jetzt „Hard“ und „Expert“ als Schwierigkeitsgrade, somit darf man sich über neue Herausforderungen freuen.

Was sich sonst noch tut, könnt Ihr dem Changelog entnehmen:

  • New difficulty modes added: Hard and Expert. You can choose how hard you want your challenge to be when you select “New Game” from the title screen, or by entering the in-game options menu at any time. Three difficulty levels are available: Normal, Hard, and Expert. The higher the setting, the harder the battles will be, but this will be offset by rarer treasures from monsters, from the chests in the Faraway Forest, and certain other places. You’ll also be able to access the true potential of accessories, with monsters occasionally dropping ones with two skills! (This won’t affect any you already own.)
  • Maximum quality level of equipment drops expanded (in Hard or higher).
  • Chances of rare item drops increased (in Hard or higher).
  • New equipment skills added.
  • Rare accessories with second skill slot added.
  • Various other game balance issues and minor bugs have also been addressed.
  • A bug that allowed the airship to land in places where it should not be able to land has been fixed.
  • Steam version only: A bug that made the player unable to control the camera at specific screen resolutions has been fixed.

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