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Sea of Thieves – Kommt eine Open Beta?

Die geschlossene Beta zu Sea of Thieves hat ihre PR-Zwecke nicht verfehlt – überall konnte man Videos und „Let’s Plays“ zum Seeräuberabenteuer sehen, und nicht wenige Interessenten standen Kopf. Das muss man dringend selbst erleben, und möglicherweise wird es dazu vor dem Launch noch eine Gelegenheit geben.

Nun ist ja schon bekannt, dass sich Dataminer den Client der Closed Beta näher angeschaut und einige Informationen herausgekitzelt haben. Ein User namens „vJoeyz“ veröffentlichte jetzt aber neue Erkenntnisse aus den Client-Daten, darunter auch Hinweise auf eine Open Beta:

  • New PirateGenerator customization options added: Dirt, eye color, eyebrows, facial hair, freckles, hair color, makeup, scars, skin color and tattoos.
  • Added more Kraken ShipWrappingTentacle AI behavior for the small and the large ship (KrakenShipWrappingTentacleHeavyAttack, KrakenShipWrappingTentacleShakeAttack, …)
  • More Kraken ‘shipgrab’-materials and textures added
  • A krakenpoisondrops visual effect
  • More “Hideout”-GameObjects and Blueprints* added (BPAnimatedSteps, BPStepsTrigger, PirateLegendCategory etc.) *Blueprints as in the visual scripting tool used in Unreal Engine
  • An Equipment Shopkeeper was added (where you can buy new spyglasses, pocket watches etc.) (replaces the ‘TrinketShop’)
  • Admiral-styled PocketWatch and spyglass
  • BilgeRat-styled PocketWatch and spyglass
  • Island and Ship Cosmetic-Chest added (this is probably where you can change the new beforementioned facial hair etc.)
  • More different skelly difficulty ranks added (AIProgression AccuracyGraphs)
  • Custom projectile impact effects when hitting the Kraken (for Cannonball, PistolShots and ShotSmall*) *These are probably the projectiles fired from the blunderbuss
  • Two Legendary Tavern NPC models added
  • More swimming-specific animations (tankard, showing treasure map for female_large etc.)
  • Pig cargo ‘eat’ and ‘eat hungry’ animations (implying you have to keep your animal-cargo fed)
  • Separate AI ProgressionController for skellies in forts
  • Order-of-Souls NPC ghost-outfit (for the NPC itself)
  • Artifacts and crates now have a glint light glow
  • Two new generic Shopkeeper models
  • A new (second) ship anchor model
  • Skelly ‘laugh’ and ‘fear’ sound effects
  • Something called the ‘Armory’-menu – contains images like: all.png, blunderbus.png, dagger.png, hammer.png, pistol.png, sniper.png, sword.png
  • References to OPEN BETA Order-of-Souls quests


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