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Titanfall 2 – Neues Update erschienen

Es tut sich mal wieder etwas in Sachen Titanfall 2: Respawn Entertainment und Electronic Arts veröffentlichen jetzt das neue Update 1.14. Dieses widmet sich verschiedenen kostenpflichtigen wie auch kostenfreien Neuerungen, außerdem kümmert man sich darum, dass Xbox One X und Playstation 4 Pro noch besser unterstützt werden.

Das Patchlog:

Elite Weapon Warpaints

  • We once again have six weapons, the Double Take, Cold War, DMR, R-201, R-97, and the G2 all getting their Elite Warpaint treatment. Like before, Pick these up as a bundle for 19.99 USD or individually for 4.99 USD.

Holiday Banners

  • A normal and a Prism version of the banners have been added.

Featured Modes

  • Turbo LTS – Last Titan Standing gametype with double core generation and dash regen rates. Everyone also has Turbo Engine kit.
  • Spicy Attrition – Attrition where everyone’s Ordnance ability is replaced with Ticks.
  • The Otherside – All Phase Attrition.
  • Rocket Arena – Live Fire with modified EPGs and autopistols.
  • Turbo Titan Brawl – Titan Brawl with double core generation and dash regen rates. Everyone also has Turbo Engine kit.

Patch Notes

  • Grapple has been reverted back to two charges
  • After changing grapple to one charge, we did see a small shift in tacticals players chose. However, it still is by far the most commonly picked tactical and trying to change that status quo would require adjustments that would diminish a mechanic that we and many players love. Because the earlier change was not driven by balance concerns, we’re happy to revert Grapple back to its previous state of two charges. Swing away!
  • G2 now drifts upwards as you shoot (console only)
  • Minor optimizations for X1X and PS4 Pro

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